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Posted by Arif on December 16, 2009

This blog has been moved to

Thanks for visiting


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Posted by Arif on April 15, 2009

I now welcome a new author onboard, my bro, Milad… watch out for his articles!!!


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Financial Crisis explained to the layman

Posted by Arif on April 1, 2009

‘Recession’, ‘Economic Depression’, Financial Crisis. These terms have been going around the market atmosphere to and fro, between educationists, economists, scientists, industrialists and the our general workforce. But guess what, i myself included and a lot of other people just didn’t understand what or where it went wrong in the first place. And soย  a friend of mine, an MBA graduate from Mumbai, gave me this insight, which is arrogantly simple and understandable, with sticks and buds of humor here and there. ๐Ÿ™‚ So here it is, the crisis to the layman.

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Take screenshots easily with ScreenHunter

Posted by Arif on March 27, 2009

There are a few ways you can take screen shots of a Windows desktop, tab or open window. One of the methods i used to use frequently was pressing the ‘PrntScr’ or ‘Print Screen’ key of the keyboard, a snap of your entire desktop is instantly taken and saved onto the clipboard, then going to MSPaint and pasting it there on to the canvas. According to your requirement, you can adjust the shot by manual editing, cropping and such. This can take a bit of your time if go for all these steps. And this was what i used to do before i got this software that made screenshot taking so much fun. It had its advantages, but disadvantages cover. Firstly, as mentioned, time was an issue. Secondly, i could not get screens off movies and stuff. Thirdly, I would have to multitask immediately after i take a screen, cuz if i leave it for later, i am bound to forget it and once the system is shut down, that precious moment or whatever you snapped will be history.

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CCleaner – The Complete Cleaner

Posted by Arif on March 26, 2009

The other day when i was with my computer (as usual), i noticed that it had grown a lot slower and slower and at some instances, it was fairly crashing minimal applications like Internet Explorer, Media Player and at one point (scared me with) the blue screen of death. Of course, the death part didn’t happen. But for the lot of these slowdowns and crashings, if you would have asked someone, you would have got a straightforward suggestion either in, “Get a good Anti-virus program, Bet your whole system is riddled with viruses and trojans” / Or /”Get a spyware or malware suite, that would sort something out”, or (the big thing)”FORMAT your computer!”.

That last part totally isn’t a suggestion i would take in for granted. C’mon, leaving alone formatting, isn’t there a limit to scanning and finding these kinda things?? what if the antivirus/spyware/malware doesn’t find anything? Whatever suite you use, paid or free, updated or not, what if i bet you will find your system in the same slow state. And No. Defragmenting wont help, even if you didn’t think about it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So let me try and bring the story from another angle.

Recently i have been installing and uninstalling a lot of programs and usually, trying to ‘successfully’ remove the bloatware that comes with new laptops. I noticed that, usually, on after a couple of uninstalls, there would something left back, some memory will stillย  be taken, it would be an untagged file, an application, a dll, some TEMP files, Browsed pages, history or something. If more and more of those files are left around, the system will usually read through them during the booting/ start-up and that would obviously slow down the process. It also matters in another situation; suppose you are opening an installed program, say a newer version of it. You removed the program (the outdated one) and installed this newer version. This ‘removal’ process will show that the software has been removed, but you do you think that will happen? There will be traces left and it is these traces that we are supposed to remove.

We can do it one way

Manually: For removing history and all by going to INTERNET EXPLORER Options for clearing browsed data, history and stuff; Going to the TEMP directory to remove everything in that directory; playing around with the registry (in the case that you have exceptional knowledge to do so) to remove files and unrelated applications. Now all these takes time and and can be really annoying if you don’t have that time to spend.
So we end up with the other way: Automatic (with this software)

So, on the summary, i want to clean the ‘crap’ out of my computer.

Imagine my surprise when i got a software that does this all, prized along with with the same ‘notorious’ name tag. ๐Ÿ™‚

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List of the Most Scariest Movies EVER!!!

Posted by Arif on March 5, 2009

I have compiled here a list of ‘The Most Scariest Movies Ever’. I went through most of them and tell you the truth, the more you see them… the more reluctant to get out of the house you become (possibly instances that you wont get out of your sheets even). ๐Ÿ˜€ . SO Enjoy the list!! And do watch the movies.(Please note that this list wont be in any chronological or ranking based order, its a compilation of the best out there…each and every one will be worth it).


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Half Life 2, Ep.1, Ep.2 Crazed! Everything related to HL2.

Posted by Arif on March 2, 2009

And so, I finished Half Life 2. Finally. After a long time of waiting for a copy, i got to know and play one of the best of games out there. For me, i just took around 6-7 hours to complete it and i did it in one go (its a short game). Morning to Night. I was kinda jobless so it didn’t make itย  a bother. I had just completed Episode 1 the previous night. That took around 2 days. But what a journey till now!. Half Life 2, Ep.1, Ep.2… they should be titled as legendary stuff within the gaming community.Totally one of the best games out there, with the best graphics, story, intensity and ‘character beauties’ ( i fell for Alex ๐Ÿ˜€ – head over heels). Its more like a movie. A very long movie, but something that is really worth it in the end. The thing is that it still hasn’t finished. There is HL Ep.3 waiting in the production lines that is claimed to the last of this series.

That may be the last of the series of HL, but i personally don’t think that would be the last of Gordon Freeman. Fans, like me, wouldn’t want him to just disappear after a few games (remember Sherlock Holmes).ย  Ep.3 was supposed to be released this year. Now that there is no news about it till, with nothing surfacing in the E3 of late 2008 other than some concept screen shots and artwork, i guess next year would be a more probable time that we will get to see it. I just cant wait for that one to come out, cuz Ep.2 ended at a point where i went like “WHAAAATTTTT!!! NO NO NO…NOT NOW..DON’T STOP NOW!!!” ๐Ÿ˜› You kill yourselves when u start seeing the credits (you will be dying to continue the game… cuz that’s how it ends.. with superb suspense).

I found a lot of information regarding Half Life 2 around the web. I was so crazed out with the game that i spent two nights finding so much of superb and interesting stuff related to the game.

So here you go.

Gordon Freeman & Alyx Vance

Gordon Freeman & Alyx Vance

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Best Free Antivirus softwares??? None!!!

Posted by Arif on February 26, 2009

Last night was the fourth time when AVG Free antivirus started fooling around with me again. It started detecting application executables, as viruses and threats and started disabling them one by one, disabling .exe files with gusto and with such heroism, possibly thinking that it was doing something great. When i saw that my own favorite programs were being scanned and put away into the jail (AVG Vault), i immediately shut down the internet connection before any further intrusions came up, looked at the Virus Vault where all my files were ‘sentenced to death’ and by the look of the great ‘work well done’ by AVG, i knew i would be in deep sh*t if i didn’t do something soon enough. Funny thing was AVG’s own exe was in the bundle of convicts.ย  :D. A simple restore did the matter of sending the files to their respective spots though, as i hadnt set the files to be deleted immediately after detection (which can be very useful in situations like this), nor did i click on delete/remove all intrusions in the virus vault. As this was the fourth time that this is happening, there was this ‘experience’ which i can say i have. But still it caught me with the same scare.

Immediately i went for the next antivirus and found Avast and Avira in my Softwares collection. A coin toss wasnt needed because one way or the other, the result will all be the same, you end up being screwed and you again switch over.AVG was too stubborn to uninstall through the control panel. So, i used this cleaner software to wipe it out (A review of it is coming soon). After that, i went with Avast. Now its running some scans as normally it should do, and everything looks fine it seems.

But lets face it. What is all this hype and props regarding the ‘BEST’ antivirus software that is FREE? Even though, it doesnt seem to reach the priveledged standards of security from the bigger and better paid software bundles, there are commotions that ‘this is awesome, that one is outta this world’ thing. Come on, what can you expect when you pay nothing and ‘do nothing’ for the cause of the program (read: Open Source). Anyways, let me list a few antivirus softwares that are free and that can be considered as ‘worthwhile’, and when a problem arises, you should scream “NEXTTT!!!”.computer-virus

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Internet over Wireless Not working – SOLVED!

Posted by Arif on February 23, 2009

For the past three days, i havent been able to browse the internet from my laptop over my wireless connection to the Access Point. The signal strength and every thing seemed perfect and strong. First i thought that the wireless settings must have gone kaput. I went onto reset it, but it brought no changes. Then, i tried switching off the access point and back on. That didnt help either.

The situation was that all this was happening just with my laptop; all other computers on the network that have wired connection run perfectly and internet and all are working. Then i realised that the problem was at my end. Upon searching through a couple of forums, i found this awesomely small hint that saved me a lot of trouble. So, here i go logging it in.

Tested and working for Windows XP
>CMD –
For the command prompt
>netsh winsock reset catalog –
To reset the winsock
>netsh int ip reset reset.log
To reset the TCP/IP stack

Reboot your machines for the effects to take place.

This helped me out and it worked well

Thanks to Networking Forums

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Video Quality and Compression detail tags – DETAILED!

Posted by Arif on January 31, 2009

Ever wanted to know what all those CAM, RIP, XVID and all those tags that came along with torrent files meant? Well, read along to know.

A cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. A mini tripod is sometimes used, but a lot of the time this wont be possible, so the camera make shake. Also seating placement isnโ€™t always idle, and it might be filmed from an angle. If cropped properly, this is hard to tell unless thereโ€™s text on the screen, but a lot of times these are left with triangular borders on the top and bottom of the screen. Sound is taken from the onboard microphone of the camera, and especially in comedies, laughter can often be heard during the film. Due to these factors picture and sound quality are usually quite poor, but sometimes weโ€™re lucky, and the theater will be fairly empty and a fairly clear signal will be heard.

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Most useful Addons for Firefox 3

Posted by Arif on January 22, 2009

Addons for Firefox has a great deal of awesomeness (don’t sue me for this, Panda) among them. There are thousands of addons that you can add to the application, based upon the desire and purpose. There are media players, bookmark managers, cookie managers, session savers, enhanced color charters, weather view and all sorts of stuff.


Here a few addons which i think will be really beneficial for that ‘boost’ in your browsing and time-keeping experience.

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Best Midfielder in the world? Paul Scholes!

Posted by Arif on January 22, 2009

As the topic header goes, if you ask me who i think is the best midfielder in the Premiership or should i say, the world, then i would not tilt my head to some one other than this man, Paul Scholes. Ever since i seen him play, i felt that this guy was one ‘unsung’ hero in the Manchester United squad. He’s never got a player of the season or player of the year award, or any other recognisable individual titles to his name. But say what, he is the engine room of Manchester United, he is what makes those amazing passes and amazing goals and shots,ย  he was among the ones that shaped that fateful season of 1999, where United won the astounding treble. I been a fan of this guy since then. Add to that, he, along with fellow teammate and fellow legend (lol), Ryan Giggs, is a one man club. Now, thats something.


My interest fired up when i saw what legends like Zidane and Scheimechel and lots of other players, had to say about this great player.

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Check your system (unit) temperatures with HW MONITOR

Posted by Arif on January 21, 2009

Recently, when I was, as usual, gaming with a friend on LAN, both of us on laptops (Half Life 2 Death match, CounterStrike Source, Pro Evolution Soccer and all those), he constantly kept saying that the laptop of his was getting hot and he was worried of what levels of temperatures he must be getting (I am not going to mention which brand he was using, that i presume should be left as another debate for another time ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). Anyways, when I checked the machine, temperatures were humongous, to a level where I joked we don’t need our kitchen stove anymore (we can cook on the machine), for which i got a straight stare…OK, corny jokes apart..

That’s when I remembered that I haven’t introduced a software to him. And I did. And so here is that neat little thing that I think you should know too, a little something that lets you know your machine temperatures.

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Posted by Arif on January 21, 2009


These were my first words when i saw how long it has been since this blog got inactive. That was from my side, but it still got visitors for the existing posts. The matter for me to completely ‘disconnect’ from blogging was my previous design. It got ‘screwed up’ to the point where it didnt look like a normal blog. I have NO IDEA of what had happened then to make it look like that, but what ever i did to change the style seemed to be in vain.

I had checked forums and CSS customisation sections of almost everywhere, but i couldnt figure out what was the thing that made this page look like this. Anyways, i am glad to get a working design now, so i guess the rest of the writing will follow up as normal…

So you guys do stick around… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Its been a while…yes…

Posted by Arif on January 21, 2009

Yup! Its been a while now since i did something with my blog. The last year which went fast to say the least, has been an equally important year with lots of happenings and lots of things that was got and was lost, bouts of happiness and equally, bouts of sadness. Now i seek to spend a good amount of time for my blog, this time onwards, its been a kinda slow but updrift journey for this. And i have got lots of topics coming…so wait up…

And Lets hope you too enjoy the ride… Cheerios! ๐Ÿ™‚

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