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YouTorrent; The New Torrent in the block.

Posted by Arif on January 12, 2008

Everyone knows what torrents are and those who don’t know, must have at least heard of them. We use it almost daily (for me it comes almost automatically when i think to download something) for our movies, songs, games, softwares and other junk. There are a lot of torrent portals and search engines around now and to see the respective seed list you needed to head to each and every torrent site, search for the particular file you wanted, compare the number of seeds and leeches with other sources. This can be inconvenient at times because one site may show very low seeds list while the other will show something more.


So, here is the specialty of YouTorrent.This searcher gathers around 12 engines (the one you always use individually like Bittorrent, Mininova etc) and gather all the results from all of these together according to your search and arranges them in ascending order of the highest seeds.

This makes it really easy for finding the best sources of the file, so you can download it at your leisure.

Another awesome thing is that there are no advertisements and the searches are high speed. But we can’t say how long will that last (the advertisements part).

Anyways, this is a wonderful solution to your torrent problems.

Have fun


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