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Download Videos From YouTube with this neat technique…

Posted by Arif on January 25, 2008

There must have been a time when you had seen some really awesome, never can be seen again, outta-the-world-thing on or some other live streaming video site. You would have bookmarked them or saved the page and played them again to show your friends and gang. But this can be a problem if it happens that there are so many people who want to see the video and you have to show them everytime by going onto the web over and over again.

Well, this is where this quick little software comes into picture with which you can download those videos.

Media Pirate. It comes as an addon from Mozilla and is built to be compatible with Firefox.

This software installs smooth, just requires an incredible 14 KB of download. Thats it. Get it installed, restart Firefox and get to your favorite live streaming website and start downloading.

Using it is pretty simple. After you get it installed, you will notice a new icon in the top right corner, one that looks like a globe with a green arrow pointing downwards. You have to get to the page where a streaming video exists. Pause the stream, click on the globe icon that i mentioned. You are then taken to a new page which shows a page something like this. (click on it to see entire pic)


Right click on the Download Now link and either use “Save Target As” or redirect it to your favorite download manager. The extension should be named as *.flv . Dont forget that. Otherwise the video wont work. This plays in a flash player.

Thats it. Start downloading. Click here to download the software. Make one thing sure. This only works with Firefox. If you dont have tha, download it here.

Have fun.


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