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SiW : Another software to know everything about ur PC…

Posted by Arif on February 9, 2008

Ever wanted to know what all ‘stuffings’ your computer has. All the motherboard, processor, drives, rams and so and so. Well, yea, CPU-Z is there around and it’s great. I know. But have you ever thought had that feeling that CPU-Z is limited(but still great). To some extent. Have you ever thought of that one click solution to all the information you will ever need about the computer. If so, well, thats where this software comes into the frame.

SIW, System Information for Windows, is a one click information portal to know all (yes 100%) and anything of your computer.

Here is a brief list of the things that you will know from the program.

Operating System
Installed Programs
Audio & Video Driver Installed

CPU info
Storage Devices

etc etc

Well, i cant list everything here 😛 … There is a ton of info involved. Get it to see it.

Another software to know everything about ur PC…

Its a small download and requires no installation. The download has an .exe file only as in (siw.exe) and running is simply smooth as you have to just double click it and nothing else.

For the program to reach maximum information access, it requires time and that depends on the ram and processor that you have on your rig, to gather all the relevant info.

This is another must have for any computer enthusiast.

Click here to download SIW.

And for CPU-Z, please click here to read my review on it.


2 Responses to “SiW : Another software to know everything about ur PC…”

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  2. Milad said

    Interesting piece.. havent tried it, but i guess its better than CPU-Z in a way.. CPU-Z didnt show which audio drivers I had installed.

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