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Most useful Addons for Firefox 3

Posted by Arif on January 22, 2009

Addons for Firefox has a great deal of awesomeness (don’t sue me for this, Panda) among them. There are thousands of addons that you can add to the application, based upon the desire and purpose. There are media players, bookmark managers, cookie managers, session savers, enhanced color charters, weather view and all sorts of stuff.


Here a few addons which i think will be really beneficial for that ‘boost’ in your browsing and time-keeping experience.

Tab Mix Plus
This tool gives enhanced control over your tabs. It includes such features as duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, giving tabs different colors, active and dormant looks, enhanced tab control, undo closed tabs and windows. It also includes a full-featured session manager.
Click here for Tab Mix Plus


Sessions Manager
If you dont want to install Tab Mix Plus, you can go for this one. This helps in saving complete sessions so that you can open them up at a different time and whenever you want. I use this a lot, because whenever i am browsing, i will have 3-4 Firefoxes open with 25-30 tabs open in each. Crazy as it may sound like, but this helps a lot. Also because, if i need to take a break and need to shut down my pc, with those many Firefoxes open, we can’t see the possibility of it saving that many tabs for later. You also have the possibility of reopening accidentally closed tabs and windows, which are arranged by date.
Click here for Sessions Manager

This is one of the best download managers i have seen for Firefox. And say what, it works splendidly. It accelerates downloads, controls multiple of them at the same time, resumes downloads and so on.
Click here for DownThemAll

Recently, I found out this neat little tool (some 28 kB) some days back, that acts more like a theme layer for Firefox. I guess its still under work but you can use it. With this, you won’t have to download seperate themes everytime for every mood you pass through. Download, install and click on the bottom left corner of the Firefox browser, a Fox’s head (no animals have been hurt :P) to get a  pop-up menu, select the genre that suits you, and finally, click on one to load a theme. Thing is, you might need an internet connection for this to get working the first time around. There are so many to try out that, if you are like me, you did try out each and every one. It loads pretty quickly too. So give it a try, its worth it!
Click here to install Persona

These are addons of my interest. If you got any, please do suggest, and if i find it interesting, i will update it to the post. 🙂


2 Responses to “Most useful Addons for Firefox 3”

  1. Milad Thaha said

    I wouldnt say Personas is a useful one. It’s more like a visual add-on rather than practical.

  2. Arif said

    Yea, you are right, thats why i kept it at the end of the post. 😛
    something more like a ‘p.s.’

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