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Internet over Wireless Not working – SOLVED!

Posted by Arif on February 23, 2009

For the past three days, i havent been able to browse the internet from my laptop over my wireless connection to the Access Point. The signal strength and every thing seemed perfect and strong. First i thought that the wireless settings must have gone kaput. I went onto reset it, but it brought no changes. Then, i tried switching off the access point and back on. That didnt help either.

The situation was that all this was happening just with my laptop; all other computers on the network that have wired connection run perfectly and internet and all are working. Then i realised that the problem was at my end. Upon searching through a couple of forums, i found this awesomely small hint that saved me a lot of trouble. So, here i go logging it in.

Tested and working for Windows XP
>CMD –
For the command prompt
>netsh winsock reset catalog –
To reset the winsock
>netsh int ip reset reset.log
To reset the TCP/IP stack

Reboot your machines for the effects to take place.

This helped me out and it worked well

Thanks to Networking Forums


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