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Half Life 2, Ep.1, Ep.2 Crazed! Everything related to HL2.

Posted by Arif on March 2, 2009

And so, I finished Half Life 2. Finally. After a long time of waiting for a copy, i got to know and play one of the best of games out there. For me, i just took around 6-7 hours to complete it and i did it in one go (its a short game). Morning to Night. I was kinda jobless so it didn’t make it  a bother. I had just completed Episode 1 the previous night. That took around 2 days. But what a journey till now!. Half Life 2, Ep.1, Ep.2… they should be titled as legendary stuff within the gaming community.Totally one of the best games out there, with the best graphics, story, intensity and ‘character beauties’ ( i fell for Alex 😀 – head over heels). Its more like a movie. A very long movie, but something that is really worth it in the end. The thing is that it still hasn’t finished. There is HL Ep.3 waiting in the production lines that is claimed to the last of this series.

That may be the last of the series of HL, but i personally don’t think that would be the last of Gordon Freeman. Fans, like me, wouldn’t want him to just disappear after a few games (remember Sherlock Holmes).  Ep.3 was supposed to be released this year. Now that there is no news about it till, with nothing surfacing in the E3 of late 2008 other than some concept screen shots and artwork, i guess next year would be a more probable time that we will get to see it. I just cant wait for that one to come out, cuz Ep.2 ended at a point where i went like “WHAAAATTTTT!!! NO NO NO…NOT NOW..DON’T STOP NOW!!!” 😛 You kill yourselves when u start seeing the credits (you will be dying to continue the game… cuz that’s how it ends.. with superb suspense).

I found a lot of information regarding Half Life 2 around the web. I was so crazed out with the game that i spent two nights finding so much of superb and interesting stuff related to the game.

So here you go.

Gordon Freeman & Alyx Vance

Gordon Freeman & Alyx Vance

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Boy saves sister and himself from moose attack with skills from ‘WoW’.

Posted by Arif on January 11, 2008

A 12 year-old Norwegian boy saved his sister and himself from a moose attack using skills he picked up in the online role playing game ‘World of Warcraft.’

Hans Jørgen Olsen and his sister got into a spot of trouble when they encroached on the territory of one of these antlered cold weather staples (otherwise known as a moose). When the beast went on the offensive Read the rest of this entry »

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