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Best Free Antivirus softwares??? None!!!

Posted by Arif on February 26, 2009

Last night was the fourth time when AVG Free antivirus started fooling around with me again. It started detecting application executables, as viruses and threats and started disabling them one by one, disabling .exe files with gusto and with such heroism, possibly thinking that it was doing something great. When i saw that my own favorite programs were being scanned and put away into the jail (AVG Vault), i immediately shut down the internet connection before any further intrusions came up, looked at the Virus Vault where all my files were ‘sentenced to death’ and by the look of the great ‘work well done’ by AVG, i knew i would be in deep sh*t if i didn’t do something soon enough. Funny thing was AVG’s own exe was in the bundle of convicts.  :D. A simple restore did the matter of sending the files to their respective spots though, as i hadnt set the files to be deleted immediately after detection (which can be very useful in situations like this), nor did i click on delete/remove all intrusions in the virus vault. As this was the fourth time that this is happening, there was this ‘experience’ which i can say i have. But still it caught me with the same scare.

Immediately i went for the next antivirus and found Avast and Avira in my Softwares collection. A coin toss wasnt needed because one way or the other, the result will all be the same, you end up being screwed and you again switch over.AVG was too stubborn to uninstall through the control panel. So, i used this cleaner software to wipe it out (A review of it is coming soon). After that, i went with Avast. Now its running some scans as normally it should do, and everything looks fine it seems.

But lets face it. What is all this hype and props regarding the ‘BEST’ antivirus software that is FREE? Even though, it doesnt seem to reach the priveledged standards of security from the bigger and better paid software bundles, there are commotions that ‘this is awesome, that one is outta this world’ thing. Come on, what can you expect when you pay nothing and ‘do nothing’ for the cause of the program (read: Open Source). Anyways, let me list a few antivirus softwares that are free and that can be considered as ‘worthwhile’, and when a problem arises, you should scream “NEXTTT!!!”.computer-virus

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