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CCleaner – The Complete Cleaner

Posted by Arif on March 26, 2009

The other day when i was with my computer (as usual), i noticed that it had grown a lot slower and slower and at some instances, it was fairly crashing minimal applications like Internet Explorer, Media Player and at one point (scared me with) the blue screen of death. Of course, the death part didn’t happen. But for the lot of these slowdowns and crashings, if you would have asked someone, you would have got a straightforward suggestion either in, “Get a good Anti-virus program, Bet your whole system is riddled with viruses and trojans” / Or /”Get a spyware or malware suite, that would sort something out”, or (the big thing)”FORMAT your computer!”.

That last part totally isn’t a suggestion i would take in for granted. C’mon, leaving alone formatting, isn’t there a limit to scanning and finding these kinda things?? what if the antivirus/spyware/malware doesn’t find anything? Whatever suite you use, paid or free, updated or not, what if i bet you will find your system in the same slow state. And No. Defragmenting wont help, even if you didn’t think about it. 😉

So let me try and bring the story from another angle.

Recently i have been installing and uninstalling a lot of programs and usually, trying to ‘successfully’ remove the bloatware that comes with new laptops. I noticed that, usually, on after a couple of uninstalls, there would something left back, some memory will still  be taken, it would be an untagged file, an application, a dll, some TEMP files, Browsed pages, history or something. If more and more of those files are left around, the system will usually read through them during the booting/ start-up and that would obviously slow down the process. It also matters in another situation; suppose you are opening an installed program, say a newer version of it. You removed the program (the outdated one) and installed this newer version. This ‘removal’ process will show that the software has been removed, but you do you think that will happen? There will be traces left and it is these traces that we are supposed to remove.

We can do it one way

Manually: For removing history and all by going to INTERNET EXPLORER Options for clearing browsed data, history and stuff; Going to the TEMP directory to remove everything in that directory; playing around with the registry (in the case that you have exceptional knowledge to do so) to remove files and unrelated applications. Now all these takes time and and can be really annoying if you don’t have that time to spend.
So we end up with the other way: Automatic (with this software)

So, on the summary, i want to clean the ‘crap’ out of my computer.

Imagine my surprise when i got a software that does this all, prized along with with the same ‘notorious’ name tag. 🙂

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