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Check your system (unit) temperatures with HW MONITOR

Posted by Arif on January 21, 2009

Recently, when I was, as usual, gaming with a friend on LAN, both of us on laptops (Half Life 2 Death match, CounterStrike Source, Pro Evolution Soccer and all those), he constantly kept saying that the laptop of his was getting hot and he was worried of what levels of temperatures he must be getting (I am not going to mention which brand he was using, that i presume should be left as another debate for another time 😉 ). Anyways, when I checked the machine, temperatures were humongous, to a level where I joked we don’t need our kitchen stove anymore (we can cook on the machine), for which i got a straight stare…OK, corny jokes apart..

That’s when I remembered that I haven’t introduced a software to him. And I did. And so here is that neat little thing that I think you should know too, a little something that lets you know your machine temperatures.

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CPU-Z : Detect your computer’s hardware with this neat software.

Posted by Arif on January 12, 2008

Here is a neat software called CPU-Z, a product from CPUID, that helps you in detecting what all important components you have in your pc like the processor type, model, stepping, southbridge, northbridge, the bios model and version, the motherboard category, the supported chipsets, video processors, the bus speeds, the ram speeds and manufacturing company, slots speeds and such.
Once the program is executed
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